3 Comforting Bible Verses to Give You Peace

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No matter how strong of a person we think we are mentally, eventually we will be in need of comfort. Today, I want to share 5 comforting bible verses with you so that your mind and soul can be at peace.

For each bible verse being shared I’ll include a brief life application to help you put the word into practice, and also include external resources to help you dig deeper into the lesson being taught.

1. Confess your sins to God and he will forgive you

Life Application

Even though Jesus Christ died for all of your sins, past, present and future, we are still commanded to confess our sins to him so that we remain in good fellowship with him.

According to the study notes in the New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible, we confess our sins to Jesus because of 3 reasons:

  1. We understand that the sinful act we just committed truly is sinful and that we are ready to turn away from it.
  2. We choose not to “hide” our sin from him, even though God knows what we did before we even did it.
  3. We know that as humans we will most likely relapse and commit the same sin again at some point in time, and that we have an understanding that trying to overcome this sin on our own strength and effort is futile.

One thing I would like to highlight here, is that we should not use God’s forgiveness as a license to continue in sin. Those who are truly sorry and want to turn away from a particular sin will ask God for the strength to overcome.

Do not seek temporary forgiveness just so that you can go ahead and repeat the same sin over and over again. That is not true repentance and is a very dangerous game that you’re playing with God.

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2. Jesus will give you rest

Life Application

Ox’s are used to pull heavy equipment by placing a harness that is made of wood. Since it’s made of wood it’s quite heavy. So the Ox is under much burden in trying to pull the load they’ve been tasked with.

Likewise, in a spiritual sense, humans could be under such stress and burden by carrying around the guilt for sins they have committed.

Or a person could be burdened with just the way life is. This stress could be due to work, health, family, money, etc.

While Jesus never promised that our daily grind through life will be eliminated by following him, he did promise that he would provide us with what we truly need, in the form of love, peace and healing.

Give your burdens to God, and let him strengthen you to continue moving forward. If you can have total faith and trust in him, you’ll notice that you’re able to handle the hardships of life much better.

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3. God will never abandon you

Life Application

What is most comforting about this verse is knowing that no matter what we will go through in this life, God will never leave us.

God will never turn away from someone who is truly seeking him. God wants everyone to be saved, so if someone is really making an effort to seek him, he will not abandon them.

Take comfort in knowing that no matter what you’re going through, if you’re seeking the lord he is also there with you.

Make it a practice in being aware of his presence in your every day life. The more you seek him, the more you’ll be aware of his presence, and that’ll help give you strength and comfort when you’re going through a rough spot in life.

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I know life is hard, especially in today’s world, but I pray that these verses along with the accompanying resources give you comfort.

Just know that confessing your sins to God ensures that your relationship with him remains strong and that he has already forgiven you for all sins you have committed and will commit in the future.

Give your burdens to Jesus and let him replace that stress and worry with peace, love and healing.

Finally, seek God diligently and he promises to never, ever abandon you. He will be with you during the storms of life and will give you the strength and courage to press forward.

May God bless you and your family.


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Jacqueline Rivera

Awesome and very comforting post! 🙌

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