7 Interesting Facts About Angels That You May Not Know

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Angels. These are the most mysterious and incredible beings that mankind has ever come into contact with.

Today, I want to share some information about these heavenly beings that I have come across. There are many questions about angels that I have, but today I will present you with 7 of those questions.

Questions such as, when were angels created? What purpose do they serve? What kinds of angels are there? These and more will be investigated in this article.

I believe that learning more about angels will help draw us closer to God because, it will help us to have a better understanding of one of His great creations.

Join me as I put together my research from trusted sources that will help answer, or at least shed some light on the questions we have about angels.

I pray that this information will be a blessing to you and that it pushes you to dig deeper into the subject on your own time.

Let’s begin.

What are angels?

1. What Are Angels?

As a kid, I thought angels were humans who died and went to heaven, who then ended up growing wings. Now, I know that’s obviously not the case.

During my investigation into angels, I’ve learned that they’re simply just one form of spiritual being that God created.

The bible doesn’t say exactly how many types of spiritual beings there are, but it does give some details about one type of these beings known as “Angels”.

The term “Angel” simply means “messenger”. Now, the way they carry out these messages for God vary. Their main role is to carry out God’s work here on earth. Whatever he commands them to do, they do it.

These tasks range from bringing verbal messages to God’s people, protect them, offer encouragement and guidance, watch over the earth and many other tasks.

Here is a great video from the “BibleProject” that explains the basics of angels in a simple way:

The link that I will post below is a great commentary on what angels are. The article pulls together several bible verses that pertain to specific qualities of angels.

From what I’ve read, angels are God’s highest order of creation in the heavenly realm, just as humans are the highest order of creation in the physical realm.

Angels cannot die, do not have genders, do not reproduce, are not bound by our natural laws of physics, and have an ability to morph into a physical body only by God’s command.

Also, since they’re also created beings, they are totally dependent on God and serve no purpose outside of him. Even after believers receive their resurrected bodies, they will not possess the same level of power and abilities as angels.

Here is the article I came across written by Don Stewart, on the Blue Letter Bible website.

When were angels created?

2. When Were Angels Created?

According to the following bible passage from the book of Job, the angels were created at some unknown time before the creation of Earth.

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you know so much. Who determined its dimensions and stretched out the surveying line?

What supports its foundations, and who laid its cornerstone as the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?

Job 38:4-7 – NLT

Also, in Genesis chapter 3, Satan is in the Garden of Eden with Adam & Eve. However, before he was known as Satan, he was referred to as Lucifer.

He was God’s “anointed Cherub”, whose purpose was to cover the throne of God. Lucifer was the highest ranked angel in all of heaven due to this position.

At some point, he rebelled against God and was then demoted to his current form known as Satan.

This obviously happened way before he tempted Eve in the Garden, but the bible does not go into the specifics of this event.

Based off that, it’s pretty safe to say that angels could have been created millions of years before God decided to create the earth, or thousands.

We just don’t have any real way of knowing since the creation of angels took place before the beginning of time.

Are there different types of angels?

3. Are There Different Types Of Angels?

In a basic sense, all angels are in one of two camps; Holy and Fallen. The Holy angels are those who have not turned their backs on God since he first created them. They remained holy.

The Fallen are angels that have rebelled against God and have lost their original form and Heaven is no longer their home.

What’s fascinating about this topic, is the different types of spiritual beings God created. We have the Seraphim, Cherubim, Dominions, Powers or Authorities, Archangels, Angels, etc.

There is also a hierarchy of these spiritual beings within each kind. Spiritual beings, whether holy or fallen are extremely organized.

However, it’s important to understand that it is impossible to understand exactly how this spiritual realm works and how it’s vast creation of beings are organized.

Theologians from the Middle Ages made various attempts to formulate what they thought were accurate interpretations of how angels as a whole were organized.

What needs to be made clear though is that the bible is the final authority on every subject, including the study of angels.

Unfortunately, the bible does not give great details on the different types of angels and their organization.

If you would like to dig a little deeper into the subject of angels, here’s an excellent article from Bible.org on the doctrine of angels.

Is there a hierarchy of angels?

4. Is There A Hierarchy Of Angels?

I mentioned in the previous section that theologians in the Middle Ages have made attempts to guess how angels could be organized, but the bible mentions no such thing.

We can make assumptions based off what certain bible verses that the spirit world consists of some kind of militarized organization which could probably include various kinds. Let’s look at one of those verses:

But for twenty-one days the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia blocked my way. Then Michael, one of the archangels, came to help me, and I left him there with the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia.

Daniel 10:13 – NLT

In this verse we can see that there is a fallen angel that is the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia. This obviously isn’t referring to a human prince, but one of spiritual origin.

It also gives a specific name of one of the holy angels, whose name is Michael, who is the archangel. While it’s not 100% certain, it is very possible that Michael could be the only archangel.

Daniel 10:1-13 is truly an awesome read and would highly recommend reading through those passages. I find it amazing that there are battles and wars being fought in the spirit realm.

This should also to help remind us just how important prayer is in our lives. What we pray for can affect not only what goes on here on earth, but also in the spirit realm.

Here’s an excellent video that I came across that gives biblical insight into the various kinds of angelic beings described in the bible and how they could be organized based on their type:

Finally, here is a great article from Gotquestions.org that talks about this hierarchy of angels: What is the hierarchy of angels?

What do angels looks like?

5. What Do Angels Look Like?

When you compare what the bible says about the appearance of angels to what most people assume they look like, the difference is like night and day.

A lot of these beings look downright terrifying, yet beautiful. The looks of these beings range from creatures with 4 different heads and multiple sets of wings, to those who look like a form of humans.

Many believe that due to angels being spirit beings, they do not possess physical bodies and only take certain forms when appearing to humans either physically or in a vision.

In the bible, whenever angels did appear in human form, it was always as males and never females. However, in their natural form, angels are sexless.

I found an awesome video that talks about the appearance of angels and the various forms they take:

Do angels have free will?

6. Do Angels Have Free Will?

From what I have learned so far, in order to understand if angels have free will or not, we must understand what free will is.

Basically, free will allows for a being to make the decision on whether or not they will make a specific choice or not. In order for a being to have free will, they must be free from any controlling outside force.

Humans, for example, have the free will to make their own choices in life. These life choices are what determines their eternal destiny, thus whatever they decide to do, those choices have eternal ramifications.

Now, when it comes to angels, a perfect example of free will for them is to look at Satan. Before being called Satan, he was known as Lucifer.

Due to pride, he decided he wanted to be God and overthrow God in the process, and because of that choice, he lost his position of being the anointed Cherub of God.

This free will also allowed a third of the angels to make the choice of siding with Lucifer in his great rebellion.

If angels did not have free will, they would not have been capable of making such decisions because God would have forced them into loving and serving him.

Love can only exist if there is free will. If there was no free will, love would not be love. You cannot force someone to love you no matter how hard you try. The other individual is the one who decides on whether or not they choose to love you.

Now, what’s interesting is that God’s holy angels (the ones who did not choose to rebel), still have free will, but will not rebel.

It is because of their holy nature, that they have decided to fully commit themselves into loving and serving God.

Just as Jesus decided to fully love and serve the Father while on earth despite all of the temptations he would go through in his human form. The bible says he was tempted in every way yet did not sin.

So, while angels can still technically rebel today if they so choose, according to their current nature, they pretty much can’t because they actually choose not to.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about the free will available to angels, check out this great article from Gotquestions.org: Do angels have free will?

Are angels immortal?

7. Are Angels Immortal?

Based on my research, it is impossible for us to know. What I have grown to learn is that the only thing I can trust to be truthful and accurate 100% of the time is the bible.

Anything outside of those pages is just pure speculation and assumptions by man.

Now, that’s not to say that everything man says or writes are lies, but we cannot hold the words of mankind to be on the same level as the word of God.

With that being said, we can look at scenarios in the bible that involve angels and at best, we can make educated guesses and assumptions as to whether or not these beings are immortal or not.

We do know that according to the bible, holy angels do battle with the fallen angels. Now, what does “battle” mean in the spirit realm is anyone’s guess.

Since angels are spirit beings, they do not have physical bodies, but can manifest a physical body with certain characteristics with God’s permission when they are to be seen by humans.

However, even with that highly popular belief I still cannot confirm that for myself to be 100% truth since I have no idea what the spirit realm is truly like.

One example of angelic confrontations in the spirit realm is from Daniel chapter 10, where an angel that God sent to deliver a message to Daniel, was being detained by a demonic prince.

The bible doesn’t go into specifics as to how this angel was detained, or anything else, and it doesn’t speak on what happened when Michael the Archangel showed up to handle the situation.

It is scenarios like this that make me weary to speak with absolute certainty about these beings without having firsthand knowledge.

These questions can only be truly answered when we ourselves are actually present in that world.

Read, “Can angels die?” to learn more about this subject.


I hope you enjoyed this list of 7 interesting facts about angels. This list however, doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface about this topic.

Whether you already were familiar with this facts or not, I hope that it made you curious enough to dig deeper into this topic on your own.

After all, that is the goal from my posts; it is to spark that curiosity in you to want to go and dig deeper and investigate these truths even further.

Today we learned what angels are, when they were created, the different types of angels, their hierarchy, what they look like, if they have free will or not, and whether or not they are immortal.

Until next time, stay blessed and always be curious!

Don’t forget to comment down below on what you thought about today’s topic, and please feel free to share any insights that you may have as well.

Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media so that other’s may be blessed as well!

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