11 Incredible Ways To Be A Christian In This World, But Not Of It


Blessings to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that are reading this today. May the Most High God continue to bless and protect you all, and shower you with his perfect mercy and grace.

Today, I want to talk about how we can be an honorable Christian in this world. Jesus never said that we should isolate or separate ourselves from the rest of the world.

No, instead he said that we should affecting this world in a positive way by being the salt and light of the earth.

I want to begin by presenting you with the following bible verse, and then I want you to pay close attention to your initial reaction:

“Make no treaties with them or their gods. They must not live in your land, or they will cause you to sin against me. If you serve their gods, you will be caught in the trap of idolatry.”

Exodus 23:32-33 – NLT

No matter where in the world you may live, your country most likely serves many other gods. Your country also most likely indulges in various demonic practices.

Even the policies of your local governments may go against what you believe in as a follower of Jesus Christ. So, does the above verse mean that you, a follower of Jesus, cannot dwell in the same land as unbelievers?

Fortunately for the unbelievers that live among you, the answer is a resounding no!

In this verse, the Israelites were instructed to separate themselves from among the pagans so that they wouldn’t fall into the trap of worshiping pagan gods.

During this time, they were so entrenched in the ways and religious practices of the pagans, that God wanted them to separate themselves from among them.

The reason was so that they can begin the process of adopting the lifestyle and practices that God was revealing to them.

However, Christians are not to separate themselves from the world, but instead to be in the world and transform it, and that is what I want to talk about today.

Let’s begin!

Bible verse about how to be the salt and light of the world as a christian.

1. Experiencing The Joy Of Christ As Christians In This World

Jesus spoke and taught many things to his disciples while he was with them, and the purpose for doing so was so that they would be filled with his joy.

In order for Christians today to experience his joy, they must have an intimate relationship with him. Doing so will allow them to see God moving tremendously in their lives.

I put together an article that talks about one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit called joy. I suggest giving that a read to have a better understanding of what the bible calls joy.

2. Christian Values vs The Values of The World

Christians were not meant to be loved and celebrated by the world because, their values are completely different from the values that the world maintains.

When Christians live a lifestyle that is in contrast to the lifestyle of a non-believer, the non-believer becomes uncomfortable since the lifestyle of the Christian is like a mirror that is exposing the immorality within them. 

3. The Benefits of Being A Christian In This World

Jesus says that Christians are not to be taken out of this world, but for God to keep us safe from the evil one. Christians obviously still sin, but they have the luxury of asking God for his forgiveness and proceed to do their best to serve him to the best of their ability.

When a person becomes a Christian, God frees them from being a slave to their sinful lifestyle and to the devil. They also inherit the protection of the Most High God.

Unbelievers do not have the power to be free from Satan and his attacks unless they submit themselves to Christ. There are only 2 possible sides to choose from, Jesus or Satan.

Here’s a great passage of scripture that also speaks on this:

We know that God’s children do not make a practice of sinning, for God’s Son holds them securely, and the evil one cannot touch them. 

We know that we are children of God and that the world around us is under the control of the evil one.

1 John 5:18-19 NLT

4. Christians Are Supposed To Read & Apply The Scriptures

The way for a Christian to become pure and holy is by believing in and obeying the Word of God. The reason this is true is because the Bible reflects who we are like a mirror.

There is no pretending to be someone that you are not. When you read the Word of God, you become painfully aware of what evil may be hiding within you, and blissfully aware of the good that is living within you.

When it comes to the Bible, you’re presented with opportunity after opportunity to make very important decisions for your life. You cannot just simply read the bible and call it a day.

You have to make the commitment to apply the truths you learn in the Bible to your life. That’s where the hard decisions come in, because now you’re faced with confronting any sin that you’re holding on to.

No longer can you claim ignorance of that sin since it has now been revealed to you.

Here’s what the bible has to say about…well the bible:

For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

Hebrews 4:12 NLT

5. Good Deeds Are Proof Of Faith In The Life Of A Christian

As Christians, we have a job to do in this world, and I’m not talking about your 9 to 5 job. The job that I’m referring to is to be the salt and light of this world.

God never intended for us to blend in with the world and to “Christianize” the cultural practices of the world. We are to be different and are of no value to God if we refuse to affect or change the world in any way.

We weren’t saved just so that we could coast by life in our own little bubble. You know something is seriously wrong if someone finds out that you’re a “Christian” and are completely surprised.

Our lifestyle should be one of creating a positive impact on the lives of those we come into contact with. Even the simplest of good deeds go a long way.

However, it’s important to understand that doing good deeds isn’t what gets you to Heaven. Good deeds are simply the direct result of being saved.

It’s something that you just do because you love Jesus and are extremely thankful for everything that he has done for you, and you don’t want to live a lifestyle that offends him out of respect.

6. Share Your testimony

As Christians, our responsibility is to show the world what Jesus Christ is like. We want to become sort of like a living, breathing version of the Gospels for the world to see.

You cannot do that if you’re quiet about your faith in him. If you’re capable of telling everyone you know about an awesome movie that you’ve just seen, then you’re more than capable of telling everyone you know who Jesus Christ is and what he has done in your life.

7. Be Different From The Crowd

Doing what everyone else is doing just because you want to blend in also prevents you from showing the light of Christ to those around you.

Just because everyone around you enjoys doing something that you know is sinful according to the Bible, doesn’t mean you need to partake in such practices yourself just to be socially accepted as well.

It is much better to be accepted by God and rejected by the world.

Your lifestyle must be visibly different from those around you since your lifestyle is centered on doing what is acceptable in the eye’s of the Lord. 

8. Don’t Be Ashamed Of Being A Christian

Another way of really putting a damper on your efforts of spreading the good news of Jesus is to deny him when you’re questioned about your faith by others.

When you deny Jesus, you’re doing so because you’d rather be accepted by the world than by him.

It all comes down to the fear of being rejected. You know who else was rejected?

Jesus, and he was rejected countless times, yet he refused to deny the existence of God and continued to spread the message of turning from sin and submitting to God for salvation. 

9. Don’t Let Sin Control You

Letting sin control you is yet another way to hinder your light from shining in this dark world.

There is temptation lurking around every corner, and the only way to overcome those temptations is to cling to Jesus.

There is no way you can overcome temptation without rooting yourself in the word of God and strengthening your relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is through this, that the Holy Spirit can enable you to overcome temptation when it is presented to you.

So, if you’re not rooting yourself in the word and you’re not caring very much about your relationship with Jesus, then when sin presents itself to you, you’re going to fall, and you’re going to keep falling, over and over again.

What’s sad about this, is that letting sin overtake you is like a virus that spreads to every area of your life.

Eventually, others who you may have told that you’re a Christian, will doubt that the power of Jesus is real, or that he even exists at all.

Their blood will eventually be on your hands, because if you would’ve lived a lifestyle that pleased God, that person would’ve been curious as to what is so different about you, and would’ve most likely asked you about your “secret”.

That’s when you share with them how Jesus changed your life. However, if they see nothing different about you, how can they ever come to you about such things?

10. Tell Others About Jesus

Not sharing your faith with others is also a way of not letting your light shine.

You can do all of the things we talked about previously right, but if you’re not telling others about Jesus, what are you even doing?

You don’t need to be a street preacher, yelling into a loudspeaker telling everyone in hearing distance that they need to repent or they’re going to hell.

It can be as simple as sharing who Jesus is in your life with someone you know or are getting to know in a casual conversation.

You want everyone around you to know that you’re a Christian in some way shape or form. When someone asks you about “religion”, share Jesus with them instead.

If someone asks you some kind of “philosophical” question, share what the word of God says.

Of course, doing this requires you to have some kind of understanding about your faith as well.

You cannot share or talk about what you don’t know or understand.

This is why it’s very important to study the Bible and to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. 

11. Care About The Needs Of Others

Finally, another way of not letting your light shine in this world is to not care about or simply ignore the needs of others.

Whether it’s giving money to the poor & homeless, offering to pay for the person in front of you in the grocery line who doesn’t have enough to pay for their needed items, or just simply giving your time to someone who needs help with something.

There is always an opportunity to give if you just simply look and listen. Jesus made it clear in the Bible that when you give to others you’re also giving to him.

It is also just as true that when you deny giving to others you’re also denying to give to him.

Jesus takes giving very seriously, since after all, he gave his life for you.


We learned a lot of fascinating information today when it comes to living in this world as a Christian.

While there are many “bad apples” who have given the label “Christian” a bad reputation, it is up to us, the faithful few to restore honor back to it.

This world is a dark place, it is up to us to prevent it from becoming darker.

We must do that by drawing closer to Christ so that we can experience his divine level of joy, protecting and holding true to our Christian values.

There are benefits to being a Christian in this world, such as experiencing the mercy and grace of God.

As Christians, we’re supposed to be reading and applying the scriptures to our lives so that we can become more Christlike.

Performing good deeds should be part of our everyday life, which in turn can lead to opportunities to share our testimony with those around us.

We’re to be different from the rest of the crowd and not be ashamed of being a Christian.

Sin is something that we will battle with every single day, but we’re to do all we can to make sure that it doesn’t control us.

When opportunities arise, we are to tell others about Jesus Christ and the truths contained in the word of God.

We are also responsible in taking care of those in need, whether it be someone that is homeless, or simply someone who is in need of help.

I pray that this article was a blessing to you, and if it was, it would be much appreciated if you can share this with others on social media.

What was your favorite part of the article? Let us know in the comments down below and feel free to share any insights that you may have as well.

May God continue to bless you and your family.


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